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The Reason

Principle: The issue is every child has a desire to know “who am I and what is my purpose in life?”

Past: Historically, many end up living their lives by trial and error while some have sought their true destiny.

Present: Presently, a large number of our youth live in survival mode not knowing what lies ahead. Few believe they have the ability to control their future, or understand their purpose.

Proposed: Youth and young adults working through teamwork are empowered and mobilized to develop the resources within their own country in order to help themselves, the people around them and the nation.

Participation: Through teamwork, World Baseball Outreach while working in conjunction with others, has developed an effective method to carry out the vision. This approach can then be duplicated to promote leadership, prosperity and hope one communities locally and internationally.

The Goals

Opportunity: Provide inner city youth with the opportunity to participate in sports, batting cages Tulsa, nutrition and exercise programs, after school homework help, and summer programs.

Playing Fields: Build and help maintain playing fields and batting cages Tulsa to provide a safe and fun playing environment.

Excitement: Actively engage and spark a new excitement in our youth.

Relationships: Equip our youth with Christ-like values, strong leadership skills and enduring relationships through our Christian mentors.

WBO Outreach Services:

  • Baseball & Softball Clinics
  • Sports Equipment Drives
  • Batting cages Tulsa
  • Mentoring and Encouraging Underprivileged Youth
  • Youth Leadership and Character Development
  • Baseball & Softball Equipment Distribution Worldwide
  • Expert Mission Trip Consultants and Guides
  • Experienced Instructors for Local Training and on Mission Trips
  • Special Events Facility for Group Meetings,
  • Celebrations & Mentoring Programs
  • Coordinate and Host RBI Leagues which look to
  • Revive Baseball in Inner Cities
  • Complete Baseball and Softball Training

Statement of Need

World Baseball Outreach provides vital programs like batting cages Tulsa and services to our Tulsa youth and their families. The program is growing and expanding every year. Educational support through after school tutoring, mentoring, nutrition awareness, and sports camps will draw in area youth instilling a sense of ownership, empowerment, and continuity to all participants. WBO overcomes many life obstacles many of the youth and their families face. WBO provides scholarships to families that go towards covering costs of league fees, instructional clinics, and equipment needed to participate and access to certified coaches and volunteers. Baseball and softball fields are provided in strategic areas of the city to keep driving to a minimum. WBO’s high level volunteer base provides tutoring, batting cages Tulsa, nutrition awareness classes, and fitness classes after school and during summer camps. Below are some hard facts about the poverty in our city, the barriers our families of low income face, and truth about the percentage that a low income child will go to college.

World Baseball Outreach Programs and Services will help provide the opportunity to underserved youth and their families in Tulsa to enrich their lives and pursue education through a rigorous program of athletic training, batting cages Tulsa, health and nutrition, academic support, and social empowerment. The program combines responsibilities in the classroom, athletics, and social/community interaction projects to assist young participants in developing life skills and character assets that will create meaningful and measurable changes in their immediate and future lives. The program also strives to create strong families and active community involvement. WBO addresses the needs of low income and single parent families.

Academics and life skills education is our main focus. It’s not about baseball & softball or even batting cages Tulsa. WBO will help guide a young athlete on a life path that balances the mind and the body and spirit. WBO will show that opportunities can exist for all athletes, regardless of their economic or social situation if they perform responsibly in school working to score the best grades possible. WBO provides the best guidance, mentoring, tutoring, and the additional education instruction to show our youth how a dream of being an elite athlete can lead into a higher education.

World Baseball Outreach invites churches, families and local businesses to invest in our youth through volunteering and mentoring or through financial support. We have several unique opportunities to get in the game and batting cages Tulsa while helping WBO develop student-athletes who are committed to achieving excellence, on the field, in the classroom and the community. Your investment can help us continue to increase the number of lives touched by our services.

Volunteer Opportunities 

Head Coach Commit to coaching a team of 10 to 14 boys and girls. Be a part of forming your team and designing practices and coaching games. 

  • Commitment: 
  • Average of two hours twice per week 
  • Spring Season: March through June 
  • Fall Season: September- October 

Assistant Coach Work with a Head Coach with coaching a team of 10 to 14 boys and girls. 

  • Commitment: 
  • Average of two hours twice per week 
  • March through June 

Base Coach/Dugout Helper Assist on the field guiding baserunners and in the dugout with batting order etc. 

  • Commitment: 
  • Average of two hours twice per week 
  • March through June 

Concessions Stand Team Interact with players and their families each game night while working the concession stand or front gate. 

  • Commitment: 
  • Any game night (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Friday evenings and Saturday mornings) 
  • Spring Season: March through June 
  • Fall Season: September through October 

Umpire Umpire RBI games. Tball-15U 

  • During season- April through June and September and October Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and/or Friday nights 

Cheer Squad Come fill up the bleachers rooting for kids who may not have fans. 

  • Commitment: 
  • Any game night: Mon. Tues. Thurs. Fri. Sat. 
  • Spring Season: March –June 
  • Fall Season: September – October 

Field Maintenance Team Help with minor clean up and maintenance on fields at Patrick Park Commitment: 

  • Commitment: One – Two hours per week or 3- 4 hours per week 
  • March-June 
  • September- October 

Equipment Ministry Assistant Organize donations of sports equipment and prepare outgoing shipments to meet local and global needs. 

  • Commitment: 
  • Time varies based on schedule 

Equipment Managers Make sure Coaches in all leagues have the appropriate equipment. 

  • Commitment: 
  • One hour weekly 

Adopt a Team Once a week attend games, provide/pass out snacks and drinks after game, pass out bible verses, baseball cards, and pray after the games. Help with one event during the season. Help with team equipment needs. 

  • Commitment: 
  • Spring Season: March through June and Fall Season: August and October 

Main Office Opportunities 

Volunteer Coordinator Coordinate and manage placing volunteers in needed positions. 

  • Year Round 

Fundraising Volunteer Help coordinating fundraising events; grant writing, obtaining corporate sponsorships 

  • Year Round 

After School Club Team Help kids with homework, nutrition (healthy choices), bible study, exercise and teamwork activities. 

  • Commitment: 2-3 days per week 3pm to 5pm 
  • August through May 
  • Summer programs available 

Global Church Projects Help with 3 projects in the Dominican Republic and one in Brazil building Churches and baseball fields. Project includes working with several orphanages. 

  • Commitment: Varied- Year Round 

Missions Trip Volunteer Join us as we travel the globe spreading God’s word and being the hands and feet of Jesus! 

  • Commitment: Varied- Year Round 

Training Center Opportunities 

Marketing/Business Development Market current WBO Programs and services and build and help develop new and innovative ideas to build faith filled student athletes! Commitment: Year Round- Varied 

Receptionist Greet customers when they arrive, schedule appointments and cage rentals, answer phones, and handle payments 

  • Commitment: 3-4 hour time slots Mon-Fri evenings and varying times on weekends 

Turf/Floor Assistant Raise and lower cages based on scheduled cage and lesson times, transport balls to appropriate locations, set up pitching machines in cages, direct customers as needed, keep areas clean and equipment free 

  • Commitment: 3-4 hour time slots Mon-Fri evenings and varying times on weekends 

Custodial Maintain cleanliness of facility including: cleaning bathrooms, windows, tables, reception area. 

  • Commitment: year round 1-3 hours per week 
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