Why Us

Give Back with World Baseball Outreach

At WBO Sports Center we are a full service training facility that has a big heart for giving back to the community around us, although we are your best choice for Batting Cages Tulsa our main mission is giving kids purpose in their life. We have seen time and time again the positive influence that having a team to rally around and a positive adult figure giving them support to follow their dreams. We see the influence of the skills that kids learn at WBO impact other areas of their life for years to come. Knowing how to work as a team, that personal growth requires dedication and practice, while learning the powerful skill of self discipline. These are skills that develop outside of the batting cages Tulsa but remain with these kids long after their baseball careers are over. At WBO Sports Center we don’t just focus on the sports training but how to train these kids to be well rounded and healthy in all aspects of their life.

Often times one of the most destructive circumstances in a child’s life is that they feel no purpose and have a hard time finding healthy activities to participate in. Most people come to us looking for batting cages Tulsa but end up staying for much much more! Being able to participate in programs with other kids and set personal goals that they can watch themselves achieve. This creates a positive bond with authority and other kids amongst the community that they can hold onto for years to come.

State of the Art Facility

Enter into 31,000 square feet of facility that is completely dedicated to serving you the best experience for you and your family. At WBO Sports Center we don’t just offer batting cages Tulsa but our facility encompases a lot more than just cages! With a gigantic turf area that is applicable for many different sports such as soccer, lacrosse, baseball, and much more, you can find a place to practice year round. We love the opportunity to get to know the schools and coaches that are dedicated to this community and have the chance to impact them positively. You will find friendly faces and helpful attitudes from each member of our staff whether you’re coming in for our batting cages Tulsa or if you are looking for lessons. In our climate controlled facility with large viewing area it is ideal for both the parents and the players. We keep the facility clean and well maintained, you will truly feel the difference WBO Sports Center offers the moment that you walk through our doors.

Large Cages & Turf Area

One of the things that makes our facility so special is that we have larger batting cages Tulsa and a turf area. This makes batting lessons and practices with large groups or advanced kids much easier for our trainers and coaches. It also allows us to see more groups and people as we have the space to accommodate them. The large turf area allows for many different kinds of teams to be able to practice at our facility successfully. From football to lacrosse, we are honored to serve the many different teams. We often host fitness classes such as speed and agility training on the turf area that is a perfect addition to your normal lessons here at WBO Sports Center. We love giving tours of the facility and want to give you an opportunity to really experience the space before purchasing anything, in fact we would love to give you a tour and give you a free session in our batting cages on your first visit! If you have any questions about the classes that often take place on our turf then please ask or give us a call today!


One of our main goals here at WBO Sports Center is to provide our services like our batting cages Tulsa at an affordable price. We believe that every family and child should have the opportunity to grow confidence and lifelong skills in an environment that they are comfortable. We offer two different kinds of memberships here at WBO Sports Center, one for family and one for individuals. Of course our batting cages Tulsa can be purchased individually per visit as well without a package! We highly encourage those that are serious about training or are looking for a healthy activity the entire family can enjoy to take advantage of these packages as they offer an incredible amount of value. Give us a call and ask us about our membership packages and pricing so that we can pair you with the right package for you!

Family Memberships which include an hour of cage time, 15% off at the pro shop and single lessons.

Individual Memberships which include a 30 minutes of cage time per day, 10% off all pro shop and single lessons.


Sick of all the basic batting cages Tulsa? With all the technology and advances the world has made why are we still dealing with old machines that give no knowledge or record any data? That is why at WBO Sports Center we are so proud to be the only facility in Tulsa to carry HitTrack the first of its kind. A system that provides entertainment and games with your hitting practice along with recording data so that you can monitor your progress. With individual profiles and competitions you are able to get real life feedback from your batting cages Tulsa, helpful with a trainer or when you are practicing on your own. Be able to diagnose the exact details of your hitting progress and be able to make adjustments accordingly and confidently. No more guesswork but make adjustments off of collected accurate data along with bringing some extra excitement to your normal hitting routine. Just one try and you will never go back to the normal batting cages again! Come on in today and schedule a session in our HitTrack session so that you can experience the difference yourself!