In the beginning and are just starting out as a basic dream for Tulsa Batting Cages. What it really was, was we wanted to do something that we’re actually very passionate about, but use our diff things in this area to achieve the ultimate purpose which is to lead souls to God and to show people how much Jesus loves them. Over the years we have developed many different avenues in which to convey this, none better than actually in person working with you.

To the untrained eye our facility just looks like an awesome version of Tulsa Batting Cages, but each and every time somebody walks through our doors for the first time they are hit by a certain feeling. This feeling is fairly difficult to describe, but we know what because each and every person tells us that they can file so they walk in. It is certain or about our place. What this really is is the presence of God in our place and many people do not realize that in the beginning. All they know at the very first entry point is that they feel different than they ever out and it feels good.

This is why so many parents trust our Tulsa Batting Cages and our staff. They know that we strive for excellence and everything that we do is rooted in our original mission we started this company. We did so many different types of jobs for so many years and we were just never fulfilled. Even are doing jobs that we kind of enjoyed it was a means to an end because we just really didn’t see the point other than bringing home a paycheck and trading time for money. At this point, all we want to do is exactly what God meant us to do.

All the different programs, opportunities, and services we provide were not created originally for any type of profit. In the beginning, our mission was to make all these programs very successful, while at the same time being comprehensive and productive. As time went on we did more activities and thought of more classes that we could teach. We have been expanding the arena in which we operate for many years and we will continue to grow and thrive, adapting to any given situation.

We will always do whatever it takes to remain true to our original mission and we do not care of the times change. We can be fluid and change with the times, as long as were the same overall purpose and goal. It is guaranteed that things will change no matter what. So, as we anticipate this rather than react to it we can configure different scenarios in our head as to how to deal with it. We do this in a positive and uplifting manner which really makes its an amazing opportunity for all the people whose lives are close to this and who want to know the truth.

How Do You Know You Love The Tulsa Batting Cages?

You might think that across the board many of the Tulsa Batting Cages are pretty much the same and they are all fairly good companies. Well, it is not our place to speak about any other company, all we can tell you is a little bit more about ourselves and about some of the experiences that we have had both with each other and with the interaction in the community. At this point, we until you little bit more about our founder’s name is Jerry Jacobson. When Jerry was very young he spent most of his youth growing up in a rural farming community.

Many many years before his Tulsa Batting Cages he was just very child who loves to spend time with his grandfather. Most of the parallel memories headed to the tractor, but then eventually he away from the farm and began spinning hours and hours in batting cages. He literally can still remember the first day he got a glove and his very first baseball that. He loved the positive reinforcement he got from sports and it stayed with them long after. The reason we are so common that our system will work on children entering a large amount is because we are a direct result of this.

When we were younger there were not of my options for Tulsa Batting Cages or as much organization that we have in this process. All we know is that a little bit of baseball in our lives changes everything for the better. Even though our own and got away from God for a while and met some bad decisions, he eventually found his way back and began to vomit his life. God opened up the door for him to play baseball in both college and independent ball, but he was unaware yet of his true purpose.

A certain point he worked for an airline company and even though he was very successful in this he did not feel fulfilled whatsoever and he thought he had no get things getting my Lord that he could use to glorify him and feel fulfilled. Well, as soon as Jerry began to actually seek out what these could be it all click for a Monday and he suddenly realized that he could use the passion that he has two effects, people, eternally in a positive light.

Once one of his coworkers told him that he was already achieving his purpose and using his gifting to serve God, that is when everything brightened up in his head, like a likable. This began to move the gears and is said and began to give him confidence that he could do so many different things and just the aspect of baseball and softball. This especially was encouraging to him because he knew that he could not only impact lots of people but more specifically can impact the lives of children. Sometimes this would be effective in completely turning around a child’s mindset and maybe set him on a better path in life.