At first glance, somebody who is not in the industry might think that Tulsa Batting Cages would not have many serious problems or issues. We are here to tell you that no matter what capacity you are involved in and what arena is in, there’ll always be problems and/or issues that will arise. That being said, no matter who you are or what you represent there’s only one thing that matters when these things come to be. The only thing that actually matters is what you do about it afterward.

From years of building Tulsa Batting Cages we haven’t learned a lot of the lessons. We literally believe the fact that it is not how hard you hit somebody or something but rather it is how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. This seems a little of the corn example but what people do not realize is that this is something that makes a ton of sense and drives home the points that it needs to in a very minimalistic type of way. A lot of times we do students lack a lot of the confidence that is a result of a positive upbringing what we can do is bridge that gap with them and shall another is a glimmer of hope.

Through our Tulsa Batting Cages we are able to be one of the only positive influence in these children’s lives. They have had countless people that they look up to web let them down and the absolute last thing they need in the world is to have that somebody do that again. If we the ones who show these children that there is a glimmer of hope, then that could make all the difference. We always believe that one of the most powerful things on this earth is hope. Hope is what fuels the human spirit as the reason that anybody does anything. Once you lose hope then you are as good as dead anyways mentally if not physically.

So, we get these children away from the dope dealers and we show them what it means to be a hope dealer. This is because we only deal and hope, joy, and positivity. We always have different issues that come up within families because they are already having a difficult time. What we want to do in a situation is only do what we can to help and to reach towards the solution of a particular problem. We never like to overstep my bounds so we say in our lane.

Over a lot of proms that come up with injuries or with students not thinking up there good enough. We work fully in the mind-body and spirit as to really show these kids that you can dream big and you can become an elite athlete if you put enough hard work, time, and effort into something. This really will help them later on in life when they go to get a job, career, or go to college. They will learn and work ethic that will be one of the most valuable tools going forward.

How Are You Guys Different From Other Tulsa Batting Cages?

The Tulsa Batting Cages that we have cannot even be compared to any of the big chain companies who are national or even to the companies who are more original have multiple locations. Now, by no means are we saying that is that all to multiple locations or to grow as a business. The one thing that a lot of these businesses are missing is the thing that actually matters the most. You see, when they drop their business plans their main goal is to be profitable and everything else comes after that.

If that was the case for us and our dream for Tulsa Batting Cages then it literally would have never got off the ground and might not even have been a dream in the first place. We know that the different desires and passions that anybody has is something that is a gift given from God. What we can choose to do is either use these gifts and skills for ourselves and our own glory or we can do to glorify God which is the only answer that anybody should have a really have been in a situation like this. All of these much larger companies Lucite very quickly.

Once they get bigger than Tulsa Batting Cages they become even more solely focused on profit and they start cutting even more corners to maximize the potential the profit. As soon as I get to the point where they have more employees in the need trainers and more baseball equipment they are either skimp on quality or they just get a package deal that is the cheapest and most generic. At this point and up hiring people at an extremely low wage because they want the cheapest labor possible for the position.

We do not think this is led by any means and we will never get that big because we know if we did we would lose the ability to have the foresight and to remember exactly word as we came from. We don’t want to compromise for anything or else it would defeat the whole purpose that we have for having this dream in the beginning. Now, we are not judging these companies themselves because that is just how it operates one any type of company gets large. But, we know that that is in the cards for us.

We are different from the big companies because we actually invest in the person and not just in their athletic ability. We are fully invested in each never aspect of the lives of our students as well as their families. Anything that happens to them is like a ripple effect that we can feel. We truly care so much and we are so invested that at times we feel like we actually our family. A large amount of time that we spend together, we develop a commodity that is much larger companies never would even have the chance to pursue.