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    Brock absolutely loved life and felt the mission to positively impact others. He was a fierce competitor,   loyal teammate, driven athlete while being selfless and encouraging others. He adored his family; his hero and best friend was his older brother, Riley. As a Christian, he was very bold in ministering to others and had the ability to engage anyone with a conversation about the Lord. Brock and Riley were both very involved with World Baseball Outreach and made countless contributions to the equipment ministry in particular.

    In December 2013, we tragically lost Brock, and in 2014 World Baseball Outreach established the Brock Lynn Norton Memorial Endowment Fund through the Tulsa Community Foundation to provide for the Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities Youth League and other child-enrichment programs. Every player on an RBI team wears Brock’s number 13 on their sleeve to honor his life and continue his legacy.